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Welcome to Nicole Totoni's Page

Nicole Totoni

Nicole Totoni

Thank you for visiting my personal fundraising page. As you all know, I have been an advocate with ZCenter for 14 years... it is very dear to me, and we appreciate all the support we can get!
Your donations will help us to continue to provide 100% FREE services to survivors of sexual violence.Together we can make a difference! Best - Nicole


raised of $500 goal

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1. SFShamikia Furlow
Good luck, sis!!!
2. sSSharon Schmitt
Keep up the great work, Nicole!
3. SFSarah Foster
4. JHJeannine Hoelbl
5. SBSandra Bankston
6. JTJoann Totoni
So happy to donate and do the walk. As a Z Center volunteer as well for almost five years, I cannot tell everyone just how important this organization is and how wonderful the staff and other volunteers are as well. Like Nicole, this organization is close to my heart!! Thank you to Nicole and all for your continual good service and for caring for everyone the way you all do!! I am very blessed to work with such a wonderful group!!

Team Open Hearts